This book is the 4th in the Allison Coil mystery series by Mark Stevens set in Colorado around the Glenwood Springs area.  Having lived here my whole life, it’s been fun to recognize landmarks that Mark writes about.  I have narrated all four of the books in this series for the Colorado Talking Book Library for the Blind.

If you know someone who can’t read standard print, and could benefit from Colorado’s Talking Book Library for the Blind, please contact them for membership at 303-727-9277, 1-800-685-2136, or send an email to

Throughout the series there have been 4 main characters and I keep those voices the same from book to book.  Others who come and go, I vary so that the listener knows when conversations change.

Antler Dust

Buried By The Roan


Lake of Fire

Authorization of recorded audio samples has been approved by author Mark Stevens and the Colorado Talking Book Library for the Blind.